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Saint S. O. Polk 

My craft varies from urban style, fashion and street. When i want to photograph more in my realm, i'm influenced by film noir classics from the 1950's; ones filled with drama, horror and suspense. These movies have had a stylistic approach of the ambivalence of human morality.

Coincidentally enough, I capture this in black & white photos to bring out the highlights of the object; make it more prominent. I prefer to use people who are not the “conventional” beauty; particularly Eurocentric beauty. The world itself is not beautiful. It has beauty in it, but we define what is beautiful and what is not.

 I use dark shadows and concrete angles in my background, so the viewer can solely be focused on the object. At times, I use harsh lighting to showcase the distinction of human emotion as well as one’s psyche. In the future, I hope my artwork continues to grow into what I feel it will be; forbidden fruit.

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